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To our youth 2022-05-12

In this lush and vibrant May, in order to better relax everyone's body and mind, all fellows of YKO met in Nanshan, Zhenjiang, and held a Nanshan Green Forest Breathing Walk.

On the bright spring morning of May 4, 2022, YKO members gathered in the Nanshan North Square against the spring breeze. Upon the beautiful scenery, the distance between each other was shortened, everyone was full of joy, feeling the pleasant spring and breathing the freshest air.

Although the advent of the epidemic has brought inconveniences to our work and life, we are still actively fighting the epidemic while maintaining a positive attitude; we are, full of enthusiasm and youth, supporting each other all the way, laughing constantly - the simple happiness can be seen everywhere.

Being serious about work and life - to our beautiful and struggling youth.